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Maryland Unpaid Overtime Lawyers Fight For Workers' Unpaid Wages

Do you know or suspect that your employer isn't correctly paying you for hours worked, or are you not receiving the overtime pay you're entitled to? The Maryland Injury Guys are prepared to help.

Unpaid Wages & Overtime Claim Attorneys

You work hard for each and every paycheck, yet your employer may still be neglecting to compensate you for the time you put in. Our experienced workers' compensation attorneys can help you file a claim and fight for the backpay you're owed.

Wage law can be complicated. The Maryland Injury Guys are here to make it simple. We will handle all aspects of your claim and will not collect any legal fees unless we are successful in getting you the pay you are owed.

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What Is The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was established in 1938 and is a federal law that sets the minimum standards employers must meet regarding wages, overtime, and more.

The FLSA dictates how employers must calculate overtime pay, how and when employees must be paid for their work, as well as a variety of other employment issues.

If your employer has violated any portion of the FLSA—such as not paying you overtime or not paying you for all hours worked—you should speak with an unpaid wage attorney. There are many cases in which an employer's non-compliance with one portion of the FLSA may result in non-compliance with others.

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Is Forced Unpaid Overtime Illegal?

Forced unpaid overtime is illegal, and it is a common violation of the FLSA. Many employers will not pay overtime to employees who "voluntarily" work extra hours, but this is never permitted under the FLSA.

For example, many restaurants will force their servers to work "off the clock" in order to finish cleaning up before they leave at closing time. This practice can become particularly egregious if servers are expected to regularly clean up after the end of their shifts or regularly perform other tasks that are directly related to their job duties.

An employer must pay its employees for all time worked—and any dispute about whether an employee's time was spent working or not should be handled in court.

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What Happens If An Employer Doesn't Pay You Overtime?

If your employer doesn't pay you for all hours worked, including overtime and/or other compensation, then you may be entitled to damages. The amount of the compensation you will receive will vary, but could include:

  • Unpaid overtime for work that you performed in addition to your regular full-time work schedule
  • Unpaid overtime for work that was done on weekends or holidays
  • Interest on any unpaid wages.

Yet, not all unpaid wage and unpaid overtime cases are simple cases of employees not being paid for hours worked. The type of employment, as well as the classification of the employee, can play a big part in whether damages exist or not.

For this reason, it's critical to work with an unpaid wage lawyer who is familiar with the laws in your state and who has previously handled such claims.

Can You Sue For Unpaid Wages?

An unpaid wage case can be pursued either through the state court system or through a federal wage and hour lawsuit. This is something that should be discussed in detail with your unpaid wage attorney.

Do You Need A Lawyer To Recoup Unpaid Wages Or Unpaid Overtime?

There is no law that states that you must retain an attorney to represent you in an unpaid wage or unpaid overtime claim. However, an experienced attorney knows how to navigate the legal system and will leverage such knowledge to your advantage.

Additionally, by having a legal professional representing you, you are stating loud and clear that you intend to get the money you are owed and will not take no for an answer.

It is critical that you speak with an unpaid wage lawyer as soon as possible upon discovering any non-compliance. Delaying legal action may make it more difficult to recover damages or enforce your rights under the FLSA. The sooner you speak with an unpaid wage attorney, the sooner you can get a proper assessment of your case and begin the process of recovering unpaid wages.

In Maryland, you have a 2-year statute of limitation which prevents you from winning back-pay that goes back further than that. 

Maryland Unpaid Overtime Lawyers

The Maryland Injury Guys are experienced wage and overtime lawyers. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve for any loss you may have suffered because of your employer's non-compliance with applicable laws. We represent clients throughout Maryland, including Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and more.

Contact us online or by phone at (888) 444-6132 to learn more about your options for recovering unpaid wages in Maryland.

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