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How A Lawyer Can Help Victims Of Motorcycle Accidents

Bike On Pavement After Motorcycle Accident

The auto accident lawyers at Maryland Injury Guys know the allure of the open road and the joy of a ride on a sunny day. They also know the trauma of a motorcycle accident, and if you've become the victim of one, they want to help you seek justice.

Attorneys for Motorcycle Accidents in MD

If the negligence of another driver caused you to suffer an accident while you were riding your motorcycle, the law gives you the right to seek compensation.

Every day, motorcycle riders in Maryland warm up their engines and set off on the road. Most of these riders understand the increased risk that comes with riding a bike. Indeed, the metal shroud that serves as a protective layer in a passenger vehicle is completely absent in motorcycles.

However, just because a motorcycle rider assumes this risk does not mean that they cannot seek damages from parties who are responsible for their accident or motorcycle crash.

And if the victim of a motorcycle accident chooses to take the legal path, then a motorcycle accident attorney can prove invaluable.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents

Just as with other automotive accident lawsuits, individuals who suffer injuries in a motorcycle crash can be compensated for a multitude of things. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Past medical expenses
  2. Expected/future medical expenses
  3. Lost wages
  4. Loss of companionship/consortium
  5. Physical pain
  6. Emotional pain

Which of these types of damages you may be entitled to depend on your individual case. Some injury victims are able to secure compensation based on all these points, while other claims may only account for a few of them. The truth of the matter is, it is impossible to know the value of a motorcycle accident claim without undergoing the legal process.

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Crash?

You were recently involved in a motorcycle accident and you're wondering if it's really necessary to hire a motorbike accident attorney. Moreover, you may be covered by an insurance policy and may have a verbal agreement from your insurance provider that the damages to the motorcycle will be covered.

Even in an ideal situation such as this example, where the rider is not experiencing physical pain from the accident and they are seemingly going to be reimbursed for the damages to the vehicle, it can be vital to engage legal representation.

At one point or another, you will likely have to communicate (negotiate) with an insurance company and having an experienced lawyer by your side can make a world of difference. Insurance providers are much more likely to increase their settlement offers if they see you've secured an attorney, and if any other legal obstacles arise, your legal defendant will know exactly how to resolve.

Additionally, if you are eligible for compensation that you were not aware of, an experienced attorney will be able to advise you on it, as well as any other points which can improve the benefits that you ultimately receive.

Free Accident Consultations

Are you still not sure if hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is right for you? Contact us today and our legal team will answer all of your questions in a free consultation. You've got nothing to lose and only valuable information to gain - information that can help you make a decision only you can make.

If you chose to work with our team, know that we only handle cases on a contingency fee basis. This is to say, if we don't secure compensation on your behalf, you owe us nothing. It's no win, no fee!

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Date Published: June 13, 2020
Aaron Blank is a patient safety advocate who holds the healthcare system responsible when it fails. He keeps businesses accountable if they choose profits over the safety of the community, and he ensures car insurance companies pay their fair share for the harm that reckless drivers cause. Aaron and his proficient legal team bring an approach based on dedication, guidance, and compassion through the difficult process of pursuing serious injury claims. He has dedicated his career to fighting for injury victims to recover losses from medical expenses, lost income, loss of enjoyment of life, or the loss of a loved one.
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