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Maryland Summer Camp Abuse Lawyer: Representing Victims of Sex Assault

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Filing Lawsuits For Abuse At Summer Camp in Maryland

Summer camps are supposed to be a fun place for children to spend time when school is out for the year. Unfortunately, abuse can happen at summer camp in Maryland, leaving families and victims with questions on their next steps. Common questions include:

  • Is there legal action that can be taken against a Maryland summer camp?
  • How can abuse happen at summer camp?
  • Is sexual abuse common in summer camp?

If you or your child has been sexually abused at a Maryland summer camp, you deserve to be heard and you may have legal options. Contact Maryland Injury Guys today to learn more about filing a sexual abuse lawsuit against a summer camp.

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Camp Abuse: Lawyers Providing More Information

Unfortunately, summer camp sexual assault has gone underreported as children can be afraid of speaking out, threatened, or ashamed about the experience. It is important for you or your child to know that it is okay to speak out against the abuse and that it is not okay for someone you trust to take advantage in this way. By speaking out you can help protect other children in the future from experiencing something similar and your voice can help others feel comfortable in speaking up as well. Call our summer camp abuse attorneys in Maryland today if you or our child has been a victim of abuse while at camp.

Signs of Sexual Abuse Happening At Camp

While abuse can happen in many different ways, there are some common signs to keep an eye out for if you suspect your child is being sexually abused at camp in Maryland. This can include:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Inappropriate knowledge of sexual activities for their age
  • Bedwetting or accidents
  • Reluctance to go back to camp
  • Avoidance of people at camp
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Effects of Assault At Camp

Sexual abuse can also affect everyone differently, but being sexually abused at camp can lead to longer-term issues that can be both mental and physical. Childhood abuse that happens at camp can lead to:

  • Permanent scarring
  • Lasting physical injuries
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Withdrawl from friends or family
  • Substance abuse, including drugs or alcohol

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Camp Sex Abuse


If you have been abused at summer camp in Maryland, or suspect your child has been assaulted while at a stay away camp or day camp, you may have many questions. Our Maryland summer camp abuse attorneys have answered some of the common questions they receive, but if you have further questions or wish to speak directly with an attorney about your experience, call today for a free, no-obligation, and confidential consultation. Our phones are available 24/7.

Who Can Be Responsible For Assault at Summer Camp?

Summer camps employ many different people, especially sleepaway camps. Both staff and counselors have contact with the campers, and the responsibility can fall to both the summer camp and the employees thus, not just the predator can be held responsible.

Can You File A Lawsuit Against Sexual Abuse That Happened At Camp?

Yes, lawsuits are possible against the camp and the perpetrator that committed the crime. These can be civil or criminal charges, and speaking with an experienced Maryland summer camp attorney can help identify your legal options. There are statutes of limitations that could affect the legal proceedings, so speaking to an attorney at Maryland Injury Guys sooner rather than later is recommended.

How Can You Prevent Sexual Abuse At Summer Camps?

Preventing sexual abuse at camp should be one of the main focuses of the organization, school or church that is hosting the camp, outside of providing a fun and educational experience for campers. There should always be sexual abuse awareness training for staff.

Having counselors or personnel trained in spotting signs or talking to campers can help stop abuse before it starts. The organization should also conduct a thorough background check for all staff. Often, if camps are understaffed, they may be less restrictive and are just trying to get staff and counselors to fill vacancies for the summer.

Parents can also help prevent sex abuse at camp in Maryland. By speaking your your children about body parts, and being open to communication can both help protect children. This openness can also help your child feel comfortable in speaking with you if something were to happen. Abusers typically ask children to keep a secret, and if your child knows its not okay to keep secrets, they will feel more open to come to you.

Hiring a Maryland Summer Camp Abuse Attorney

If your child has been sexually abused while at a Maryland camp, it is important not to blame them for what happened. Emotional support from family can help a child cope with the traumatic event. It is important to support your child, remind them the abuse is not their fault and praise them for speaking out about their experience. It takes courage to share such an experience and believing your child can help them cope.

A civil lawsuit can help recover compensation for the damages caused, while money can't reverse the experience, it can help cover both monetary and non-monetary damages. These can include:

  • Medical expenses incurred
  • Current and future financial losses
  • Emotional damages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Therapies

If you suspect abuse call one of our local Maryland summer camp sex abuse lawyers today. If you were abused at camp when you were a child, you may also have the possibility to file a lawsuit against the camp and counselor. Call today to learn more about your legal options. Our experienced Maryland summer camp lawyers are standing by to answer your questions and to help fight for justice. Our attorneys are aggressive and want victims of abuse to be able to find justice.

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