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Maryland Preschool Abuse Lawyer Representing Victims and Their Families

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Preschool Child Sex Abuse Attorney Holding Daycare Centers Responsible

If you suspect that your child has been abused or neglected while at preschool, or you have suffered sexual assault in preschool, you may be both angry and left with many questions. Our experienced Maryland firm represents children and their families in preschool sex abuse lawsuits. Child sexual abuse at preschool can have serious consequences for children, both physically and mentally.

Lawsuits may be possible if you or your child has suffered abuse while at a preschool or daycare center. Our experienced Maryland preschool abuse attorneys are here to answer your questions in a free, confidential consultation.

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Sexual Abuse at Preschool Centers

Preschools are expected to be a safe environment for children to learn and develop. However, some nursery schools or preschools fail to protect children from sexual predators. Children are vulnerable and are less likely to speak about abuse. Often, they do not understand what is happening or do not have developed enough speech to talk about what has happened.

Unfortunately, many preschools are understaffed and have more children than providers. A recent study found that about 9% of preschool or daycare providers have engaged in inappropriate conduct with a child over their careers. This can involve touching children inappropriately, including touching, kissing, or inappropriate photographs.

Preschools must take steps to ensure that there is a safe environment for children to learn. This includes making sure that proper background checks are completed before employment, ensuring contractors or non-authorized people do not have access to the children and making sure there is proper supervision throughout the preschool.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Child Abuse At Preschool

Our Maryland preschool abuse lawyers have answered some of the common questions they receive about preschool child abuse. If you suspect that you have suffered abuse when in preschool, or you suspect your child is being sexually abused in preschool in Maryland, do not hesitate to call today to speak with an experienced attorney. Your voice deserves to be heard, and speaking up and holding the preschool accountable can help other children.

What Are Signs of Abuse At Preschool?

Unfortunately, abuse at preschool can happen to children in Maryland. It is important as a parent to know signs of possible abuse. Some common signs include:

  • Strange behaviors

  • Reverting to a younger behavior that is not age appropriate

  • Acting older than they are

  • Bedwetting

  • Unexplained bruises

  • Wounds

  • Blood in their underwear

  • Development issues

  • Delay in social skills

Neglect can also be a form of preschool abuse and lead to development issues. Suppose you suspect your child is being abused. In that case, it is important to take them to a medical professional who has experience in dealing with child abuse and to gently speak to your child about what is happening at preschool.

How Do You Start A Preschool Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit?

Awareness of the signs of abuse, taking your child to a doctor and speaking about what is happening are the first steps toward justice for you and your family. It is important to report the suspected abuse to law enforcement for a full investigation. Sexual abuse, especially child sexual abuse, is a serious crime, and perpetrators should be held responsible.

Once you speak to law enforcement, it is recommended to speak with an experienced Maryland preschool abuse lawyer to learn more about your legal rights and action to take against the perpetrator and possibly the preschool center. There are strict laws that can hold the abuser accountable, but there are statutes of limitations around sexual abuse, so speaking with an attorney as soon as you can is important.

How Can a Preschool Abuse Lawyer Help?

A preschool abuse lawyer in Maryland can help you and your family fight for justice. This can include filing a lawsuit against the perpetrator or the daycare or preschool center that allowed the abuse. Child sexual abuse or assault is something that no child should ever have to experience. By stepping forward and filing a lawsuit and having an experienced attorney represent you, you can help prevent other children from experiencing similar injuries.

What Are The Statutes of Limitations for Preschool Child Sex Abuse in Maryland?

In Maryland, there was a law that was signed in 2017 that extended the statute of limitations, allowing victims of abuse to sue the offender, individuals, or organizations who allowed the abuse to occur. This law extended the statute of limitations to 20 years after the victim turns 18, or until they are 38 years old. It is important to speak directly with an experienced Maryland preschool abuse lawyer at Maryland Injury Guys to learn how the law may affect you and your case.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer for Preschool Abuse in Maryland

If you or your child has suffered abuse at a daycare center or preschool, do not wait to speak with authorities or an experienced attorney today. You deserve to be heard, and the perpetrator should be brought to justice. A lawsuit cannot take back what has been done to you or your family, but by pursuing a lawsuit, you can receive compensation that can help the emotional healing process and hold the person or business accountable for their actions. Justice is possible; call Maryland Injury Guys today to learn more about filing a preschool abuse lawsuit.

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