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Rediscover the Community of Hollander Ridge, Maryland

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This article is sponsored by Maryland Injury Guys, the sexual abuse attorneys of Hollander Ridge. Our law firm encourages you to learn more about the history of Hollander Ridge and rediscover this neighborhood.

History of Hollander Ridge

Hollander Ridge is an affordable housing project built in Baltimore City, Maryland. The area sits snuggly between Interstate-895, Interstate-95 and Pulaski Hwy. Located between Rosedale and the Pulaski Industrial Area of Maryland, the community of Hollander Ridge dates back to the 1970s. In 1976, a 1,000-unity high-rise building known as the Hollander Ridge Tower was established. The tower was a public housing development built by the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC).

Through the years, crime at Hollander Ridge started to increase significantly. When a Secret Service team was dispatched to the area, they recorded Hollander Ridge as an open-air drug and sex market. To control crime rates in the area, a fenced perimeter was suggested. In 1998, HABC, with the help of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, built an 8-foot tall, spiked, wrought iron fence around the property of Hollander Ridge. This fence cost them $1.7 million and still stands today. In 2000, HABC went ahead and demolished the whole property in a controlled explosion. By this time, the Hollander Ridge community was made up of 100% African Americans.

On April 29, 2020, the NHP Foundation acquired the properties and began rehabilitation. Currently, Hollander Ridge is an affordable housing property made up of 94 scattered units of attached, semi-attached and detached single-family houses. The style of these homes ranges from one to four bedrooms and includes features like decks, patios and garages. Continue reading to learn more about the Bayview area and the Johns Hopkins medical center.

What's in Hollander Ridge Now?

Because Hollander Ridge is still in its redevelopment stage, there isn't much to do in recreational activities. However, businesses are slowly coming to the area and establishing themselves. Some of these businesses are:

  • T Stat Supply Inc: Heating equipment supplier
  • Kidz Table: Metal supplier
  • Architessa (Architectural Ceramics-Pick Up Warehouse: Tile Store
  • Tri Star Freight System: Trucking company
  • Up To Date Laundry
  • Royal Farms: Convenience Store
  • H & S Bakery Distribution Center: Wholesale Bakery

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Aaron Blank Esq
Date Published: May 4, 2021
Aaron Blank is a patient safety advocate who holds the healthcare system responsible when it fails. He keeps businesses accountable if they choose profits over the safety of the community, and he ensures car insurance companies pay their fair share for the harm that reckless drivers cause. Aaron and his proficient legal team bring an approach based on dedication, guidance, and compassion through the difficult process of pursuing serious injury claims. He has dedicated his career to fighting for injury victims to recover losses from medical expenses, lost income, loss of enjoyment of life, or the loss of a loved one.
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