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The Historical Significance of Broadway East, MD

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This article is brought to you by the personal injury attorneys of Broadway East from the Maryland Injury Guys. We hope you enjoy learning about the history of Broadway East as much as we did.

Short History of Broadway East

Broadway East is located in the East District of Baltimore, Maryland. The neighborhood is bounded by North Ave. on its north side, Broadway on the west side, Biddle St. on the south side and Milton Ave. on the east side. It is surrounded by the communities of South Clifton Park, Clifton, Berea, Biddle Street, Gay Street and Oliver.

In the last century, Broadway East has experienced housing abandonment, economic depression and increased crime. The once middle-class community was affected by the Baltimore riot of 1968 and now consists largely of poor and working-class African Americans. Today, it is going through a redevelopment phase which includes the renovation of the American Brewery building, the Baltimore Food Hub, the Mary Harvin Transformation Center and Senior Housing, the Southern Streams Health and Wellness Center, and the Southern Views Multi-family Housing. Based o the East Baltimore Revitalization Plan adopted in September 2018 by the Baltimore City Planning department, affordable housing and mix-used properties are also being developed.

Broadway East currently has a population of 6,682 people and offers an urban-suburban mix area feel. 58% of the residents rent their homes. The average rent price is $1,068. The average home value is $127,948. Households in the area make a median income of $37,240. The Baltimore City Public Schools System serves the neighborhood.

American Brewery

The American Brewery is a historic former brewery on North Gay St. in the neighborhood of Broadway East. It was built in 1887 by German immigrant John Frederick Wiessner for his Weissner Brewing Company – one of the largest breweries in Maryland at the time. The building's central tower housed a 10,000-bushel grain elevator. During its peak, the brewery had 16 employees in brewery work, 14 in the bottling house, 17 drivers, 8 garage men and 6 office workers.

In 1920, Prohibition forced the facility to shut down. In 1931, the American Malt Company bought the brewery from the Wiessner family. Modernizing the interior equipment, the company operated the brewery until 1973. On May 9, 1973, the American Brewery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). It was left abandoned until 2004 when the City of Baltimore approved the building permit of turning it into the new headquarters for Humanim. Today renovation and beautification of the brewery have been completed. It is now the headquarters of Humanim Inc., a nonprofit regional social services agency.

Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building

The A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building is a historical building located in the south portion of Broadway East. It was constructed from 1885 to 1963 for Baxter Electric Co., manufacturer of motors for street railways.  The building is now the only site that still exists to represent the Hoen & Company's long and illustrious history. Established in 1835, the company was the oldest continuously operating lithographer in the U.S. It relocated to the building in 1902 when its downtown headquarter was destroyed in a fire. From 1902 to 1981, Hoen & Co. occupied the property until it declared bankruptcy. Before them, the complex was occupied by the Bagby Furniture Company.

The Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building was left vacant for 35 years before the Baltimore-based real estate companies City Life Historic Properties and Cross Street Partners teamed up with Strong City Baltimore to undertake the historic preservation of the building. Now, the building is home to the Center for Neighborhood Innovation (CNI), which consists of an interdisciplinary group of non-profits, social entrepreneurs, service providers, researchers and community members.

Collington Square Park

Collington Square Park is a neighborhood park in Broadway East. Situated on East Hoffman St., it is owned and operated by the Baltimore City Recreation and Parks. The park is open from dawn to dusk and has a size larger than a football field. Amenities offered are a recreational open space, baseball field, outdoor basketball court and playground. Pets are allowed on the premises if they are on a leash.

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Date Published: May 28, 2021
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