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The Woodberry Historic District in Maryland

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This informative blog post is sponsored by Maryland Injury Guys, the personal injury attorneys in Woodberry. We hope you enjoy reading about the local communities within our region.

The Neighborhood of Woodberry

Woodberry is a historic neighborhood in the north-central area of Baltimore, Maryland. It is bordered by Cold Spring Ln. on the north, Druid Hill Park on the south, Greenspring Ave. on the west, and the Jones Falls and Jones Falls Expressway on the east. The neighborhood's housing stock consists of mostly two and three-story rowhomes built in the early 1900s. Some of the first houses in the area were built by David Carroll in Television Hill for his textile mill workers. On December 29, 2003, the Woodberry neighborhood was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

Television Hill

Television Hill is an area in Woodberry that was once known as Mladen Hill. It houses the facilities for four of Baltimore's commercial television stations and two large broadcasting masts. The first transmission tower and television station in the area were completed in 1948. Three of the TV outlets – WMAR-TV, WBAL-TV and WJZ-TV – and the radio stations WZFR and WIYY transmit from a red-colored, tri-mast candelabra tower in TV Hill. Additionally, the Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned WBFF, WNUV television stations, and the WWMX radio station transmit from a single tower northeast of said candelabra. Another shorter tower also handles the communication for many of the municipal service agencies in Baltimore City.

Druid Hill Park

Residents and visitors of Woodberry can enjoy their time at the massive park that bounds the south of the neighborhood. Druid Hill Park is Baltimore's first large municipal park and also one of the first large public parks in America. The third oldest established in the U.S., it was part of the Susquehannock Indians' land until it was ceded to Lord Baltimore in 1653. The area that is now Druid Hill Park was primarily owned by three generations of the Rogers Family up to the 1850s when Lloyd Nicholas Rogers sold it to the city of Baltimore. In 1860, the property was established as an official city park. Now on the NRHP, the park was developed as part of the nationwide American Parks Movement in an attempt to provide large parks for urban dwellers. Recreational amenities offered at Druid Hill Park include:

  • Playgrounds
  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Ballfields
  • Athletic field
  • Disc golf course
  • Urban greenway park
  • Pool Greenhouses
  • Picnic groves and pavilions
  • Xen Garden
  • Jones Falls Trail
  • City Farms Garden
  • Safety City

The park also features the Howard Peter Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens, the second oldest Victorian glass conservatory in America.

Druid Hill Reservoir

Situated in Druid Hill Park is the man-made Druid Hill Reservoir. Construction for it began in 1863 and was completed in 1871. The 55-acre reservoir has an average depth of 30 feet and containers up to 429 million gallons of water. A 1.5-mile Lakeside Loop Trail is also provided for walking, running and biking.

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

The Maryland Zoo was previously known as the Baltimore Zoo when it was first founded in 1876. Many prominent Baltimoreans donated the zoo's early animal collections to help enhance the nature experience of the park for its visitors. Today, the zoo is located on Safari Pl. in Druid Hill Park and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Current featured animals at the Maryland Zoo are the Green-Winged Macaw, Eastern Hellbender, Southern White Rhinoceros, East African Black Mud Turtle, Chinchilla, Northern Copperhead, and Eastern Newt or Red-Spotted Newt.

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Date Published: June 14, 2021
Aaron Blank is a patient safety advocate who holds the healthcare system responsible when it fails. He keeps businesses accountable if they choose profits over the safety of the community, and he ensures car insurance companies pay their fair share for the harm that reckless drivers cause. Aaron and his proficient legal team bring an approach based on dedication, guidance, and compassion through the difficult process of pursuing serious injury claims. He has dedicated his career to fighting for injury victims to recover losses from medical expenses, lost income, loss of enjoyment of life, or the loss of a loved one.
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