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Fulton MD Personal Injury Lawyer: Representing Injury Victims Locally

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Experienced Personal Injury Attorney In Fulton

The skilled group of attorneys at the MD Injury Guys Fulton Law Office have made it their life's work to advocate for injured people. They can assist you if you've been harmed in an accident, whether you think it was your fault or not. We can assist with addressing inquiries like:

  • Does hiring a personal injury lawyer make sense?

  • Which kinds of lawsuits are handled by personal injury law firms?

  • Will a lawsuit aid in covering my medical costs?

For a free legal consultation, give us a call right away to learn more about your legal options. Our phones are available 24/7 and our local personal injury lawyers are standing by.

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"We fight aggressively for clients in Fulton" - Aaron Blank, Esq.

Please note, due to our Covid-19 prevention and safety policy, this location requires an appointment for an in-person visit. Please call: (410) 208-7309 to make an appointment today.

Personal Injury Cases We Represent

Our personal injury attorneys have years of expertise assisting accident victims who have suffered injuries as a result of someone else's negligence. Through a personal injury case, our legal team can assist in obtaining financial recompense for the victims' injuries.

Car Accidents

With the assistance of our car accident attorneys, who are aware of the consequences a car accident may have on a person, you can pursue monetary compensation. Drunk driving, texting while driving, speeding, and other types of irresponsibility frequently result in car accidents. Contact our legal team if you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries as a result of an accident.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Accidents involving slip and falls can happen for a number of different reasons, including, but not limited to, slipping liquids, cracked steps, uneven sidewalks, snow, and potholes. These slips can cause serious injuries. To find out how we can help you after an accident, get in touch with our slip and fall accident attorneys.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers

We rely on the medical community's doctors and other professionals to provide the best care possible when we seek medical attention. Medical mistakes may result in fatalities or seriously injured patients, and this is known as medical malpractice. To find out more about medical malpractice cases, speak with our legal team.

Neglect in Nursing Homes

Even before making the decision to place your loved ones in a nursing home, it can be emotionally challenging. It is frightening to learn that your loved one was hurt while being watched over by the facility you trusted. To discover more about your legal options, contact our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys right away.

Claims for Workers' Compensation

You may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits if an illness or injury that resulted from your working conditions developed. Our workers' compen lawyers are here to help you with the application process and respond to any inquiries you may have.

Back Injury Cases

Have you ever had a back injury that may have resulted due to negligence of others? Get free legal advice in a consultation from our back injury attorneys.

Pedestrian Accidents

You might be eligible to compensation if you were hurt in a pedestrian accident to help cover your medical expenses and other damages. Get in touch with our legal team for pedestrian accidents now.

Offshore Accidents

Offshore injuries occur more frequently than you may think. You may be eligible to financial compensation if you or a loved one suffered injuries in an offshore disaster. To schedule a free case consultation, contact our local Fulton law firm today to learn more.

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Dog Bites

Contact a personal injury attorney right once if you or a loved one has been hurt by a dog attack. Negligence must be proven in these cases, but fair compensation is possible.

Injury at Work Claims

Financial hardships can result from work injuries, particularly if the victim is no longer able to work. You might be eligible for reimbursement for some of your lost pay and medical expense coverage if you make a work injury claim.

Bicycle Accidents

Have you ever been in a bicycle accident? Schedule a free consultation with one of our bicycle accident lawyers if you were hurt.

Motorcycle Accidents

Get in touch with our law firm if you were hurt in a motorcycle accident to find out more about your legal options.

Accidents Involving Trucks

You can fight for justice and financial compensation for your injuries and property damage with the aid of our truck accident attorneys. Contact our legal team to acquire the answers you need because truck accidents are much more serious than other types of auto accidents.

Train Accidents

Trains run at tremendous speeds, leaving little area for safety equipment to safeguard passengers inside or outside the train. Contact our train injury law experts if you have questions if you, or a loved one, were wounded while riding a train.

Accidents Involving Buses

Buses are massive vehicles with a lot of power. They can cause serious injuries in accidents. If you were injured in an accident with a bus, call our local law firm today to learn more. You may be able to obtain compensation and having the assistance of our experienced bus accident attorneys may help your case.

Brain Injuries

Having a brain injury might result in chronic medical issues. Allow our brain injury attorneys to help you in your fight for justice and in your pursuit of financial compensation to cover medical costs, physical and emotional suffering, and lifelong impacts.

Accidental Spinal Injuries

Did an accident cause you to suffer a spinal cord injury? Contact our regional spinal injury law firm right away to schedule your free consultation.

Birth Injury Lawyer

Did your child suffer any birth injuries while being delivered? Our skilled birth injury attorneys can assist you in obtaining justice and money to cover any medical expenses linked to the harm.

Claims of Sexual Abuse

One of the most devastating crimes a person can commit against another is sexual abuse. If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual abuse or assault, schedule your free, private case consultation right away to start your journey toward justice.

Child Abuse Allegations

Abusing a kid is a callous and violent act, and those who commit such heinous acts must face justice. Let our child abuse lawyers assist your family and your child if they were the victims of physical or emotional abuse.

Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment victims may experience emotional distress that makes them unsure of whether or not to report their alleged perpetrator. Let our sexual harassment lawyers stand up for you and be your pillar of support.

Burn Accidents

Have you or a loved one ever suffered from burns due to negligence from others? To get answers to any queries you may have, get in touch with our burn injury legal firm.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Have you or a loved one experienced injuries from a pool accident? For a free case consultation, get in touch with our swimming pool accident lawyers right away.

Construction Accidents

Working on a building site did you get hurt? You can get aid from our construction accident attorneys in submitting a workers' compensation claim to cover medical costs, lost wages, and other losses brought on by the workplace injury.

Wrongful Death

After a loved one has passed away due to a sudden or unexpected accident, our wrongful death accident lawyers may provide you with the legal support you need.

Unpaid Overtime Cases

Have you worked overtime without getting proper payment? Or maybe were asked to work before or after you clocked in or out. We support employees as they battle for their legally due underpaid overtime. To begin, get in touch with our local Fulton, MD, law office and speak one of our experienced attorneys today.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Our local Fulton attorneys have answered some of the common questions they receive from clients. If you still have questions about legal issues, contact our local law firm today to learn more about the specifics relating to your accident and possible case.

How Long Does A Personal Injury Case Take?

Personal injury cases are all different, they can have a different number of victims or the injuries sustained can also vary greatly. For instance, an auto accident including 5 people may take longer than an auto accident with just two people involved. The best way to learn about how long your possible personal injury case may take is to call and speak with one of our attorneys today in a free consultation.

Do I Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

While you do not need to hire a medical malpractice attorney to pursue a claim, it is recommended to have representation for achieving successful results. Our attorneys provide aggressive representation and can let you focus on healing instead of the many complicated legal forms. Having an attorney on your side can help no matter the type of case.

Why Should I Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

There are many reasons to hire a personal injury attorney after you've been injured in an accident. A personal injury attorney can help in civil litigation and help achieve maximum compensation for your injuries. It is important to hire an attorney if you've suffered injuries as your personal injury attorney can help with permanent or temporary disabilitie and pain and suffering.

Sometimes, liability may not always be clear after an accident. By speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney, like the team at Maryland Injury Guys in Fulton, they can help establish who is at fault and prove negligence.

Negotiations with insurance companies can also be difficult if you have no experience in dealing with the law. Insurance adjustor often want to minimize the amount of a payout and can extend the length of a case, all of which can cost you money in the end. Having a personal injury attorney fighting for you can help maximize the compensation and they will deal with the insurance companies aggressively.

An attorney can also push to take your case to court if needed. Representing yourself in court can be extremely difficult and you will want to have an attorney by your side.

Will A Lawsuit Cover My Medical Bills?

Yes, a lawsuit can cover many things including medical bills, lost wages (both past and future), pain and suffering, and emotional distress. It is important to speak with an attorney about the specifics of your case as negligence must be proven.

What Does A Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

At Maryland Injury Guys in Fulton, MD, we operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that we cover all fees up front and you owe nothing unless we win your case. No win, no fee. If your case proves successful results, our attorneys take a percentage of the settlement. All fees are agreed upon before any work starts so there are no surprises at the end of the case.

Where Is Your Fulton MD Personal Injury Law Firm Located?

Our local Fulton personal injury law firm is located at 11820 W Market Pl, Suite K-1, Fulton, MD 20759.

How Can I Contact Your Fulton MD Lawyers?

Our phones are available 24/7 for you to call and speak with a personal injury lawyer. Our Fulton phone number is: (410) 208-7309.

Hiring A Fulton Personal Injury Attorney

A group of personal injury lawyers that will battle for you is necessary if you or a member of your family has suffered as a result of contributory negligence. Catastrophic injuries can be incredibly stressful and drastically disrupt your life, so you shouldn't have to worry about the paperwork you need to fill out.

Our Maryland personal injury lawyers want to relieve you of that worry so you and your family have time to recover and heal. If you do not fully understand the law, it can be challenging to file a personal injury claim, and each case has its own statute of limitations that may affect how much time you have to do so.

Call now to speak with a Fulton, Maryland-based lawyer who supports victims' rights. Find out more about your legal options and get going on the road to getting reasonable compensation for your losses following an accident. Personal injury attorneys from our Fulton, MD, firm are available to you. We understand that having a good attorney client relationship is important, and all consultations for personal injury victims are complimentary.

Our Fulton MD Law Firm Represents Clients In The Surrounding Areas

Our Fulton personal injury law firm serves clients locally in the following towns:

  • Fulton

  • North Laurel

  • Laurel

  • Savage

  • Annapolis Junction

  • Maryland City

  • Burtonsville

  • Spencerville

  • Cloverly

  • South Laurel

  • Maple Lawn

  • Russett

  • and more

Local Resources

Urgent Care Facilities:

  • Centennial Medical Group Urgent Care
    10981 Johns Hopkins Rd, Laurel, MD 20723

  • Quality First Urgetn Care
    15646 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD 20866

Auto Repair:

  • Allstar Automotive
    127 Second St, Laurel, MD 20707

  • Firestone Complete Auto Care
    11821 W Market Pl, Fulton, MD 20759

Physical Therapist:

  • 360 Physical Therapy & Wellness
    11840 W Market Pl Suite G, Fulton, MD 20759

  • Pivot Physical Therapy
    14700 Baltimore Ave #106, Laurel, MD 20707

Directions to Our Local Fulton Personal Injury Law Firm from BWI Airport

Our law firm is easily accessible from BWI Airport if you are in need of a personal injury attorney:

  1. Take the terminal road to I-195W

  2. Continue on I-195W for 4.2 miles

  3. Take exit 4B to merge onto I-95S

  4. Take exit 35B to merge onto MD-216 W

  5. Continue on MD-216 W for 3.1 miles

  6. Turn right onto Westside Blvd

  7. At the traffic circle take the 3rd exit onto W Market Pl

  8. Turn right

  9. Our office will be on the left hand side

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I never though I would need a personal injury attorney, but was injured while at work and was then unable to work for a long time. I called Maryland Injury Guys and after my free consultation knew that they were the law firm to represent me. A caring and compassionate team who fights aggressively. You can tell this is a law office that knows what they are doing. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer in Fulton MD. - Debbie P.

Services At This Location

  • Personal injury attorney
  • Auto accident litigation
  • Bicycle accident litigation
  • Catastrophic injury litigation
  • Dog bite injury litigation
  • DUI injury litigation
  • Medical malpractice litigation
  • Motorcycle accident litigation
  • Motorist insurance claims litigation
  • Pain & suffering litigation
  • Pedestrian accident litigation
  • Product liability litigation
  • Slip & fall injury litigation
  • Truck accident litigation
  • Workers' compensation litigation
  • Wrongful death litigation

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