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Daycare Abuse Lawyer: Fighting Daycare Negligence

Daycare Center Abuse Cases & Lawsuits

Discovering that your child has been a victim of daycare abuse or neglect is a parent's worst nightmare. Your child deserves to go to a daycare center free of abuse and negligence, where they can grow, have fun, and thrive in a safe environment.

If you suspect your child has suffered physical, emotional, or sexual abuse at a daycare facility, you may be left with many questions about how to proceed. Our experienced daycare abuse lawyers are here to answer those questions and assist you in moving forward and finding justice against the childcare facility. Call today for your free consultation to speak with a lawyer about your legal options and the possibility of a civil lawsuit.

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Signs of Abuse in Toddlers At Daycare Facilities

Many times daycare negligence can go unknown for a period of time. Daycare abuse can be more than just physical abuse, and it is important to keep an eye out for some of the common signs. This can include sexual, physical, and emotional abuse as well as a combination of abuse and neglect. Some common signs can include:

  • Unexpected crying outbursts

  • Genital pain, discomfort, or bleeding

  • Unaccounted for cuts, bruising, and other skin imperfections

  • Discomfort while standing or walking

  • Secretiveness or an unusual desire to be by themselves

  • Inappropriate sexual knowledge or conduct for a youngster of that age

  • Unexplained bruising

  • Bedwetting

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Abuse can happen in many different forms and it is important to know some of the common signs as well as have open communication with your child about their experience with daycare workers, other children, and the facility. Of course, children can unintentionally injure themselves while playing, without any form of abuse, so it is important to speak with them about the daycare provider and the daycare injury they suffered to help determine what happened.

If you suspect your child has suffered daycare injuries and abuse, you should investigate further and possibly remove your child from the program. You can also file a report with local law enforcement or child protective services instead of going straight to the daycare center. An experienced daycare injury lawyer can also help provide resources as well as provide legal advice.

Long-Term Effects of Daycare Sex Abuse

Abuse can affect everyone differently, and experiencing sexual or physical abuse at daycare centers while children are still learning can impact them longer term. A child's injuries can lead to permanent scaring or physical difficulties, while emotional or sexual abuse can lead to other behavioral issues. It is important to speak with your child if you begin to notice changes in their behavior. Assuring them that they will not get in trouble for telling on a teacher or adult at the childcare center who hurts them, makes them feel bad or uncomfortable can help your child feel comfortable talking about what has happened.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Daycare Child Abuse

Parents or guardians may have many questions about abuse and neglect that may happen at daycare. Our attorneys have answered some of the most common questions. Still have questions? Call one of our local law offices today to learn more about your legal options against daycare facilities and to speak with an attorney today.

What To Do If You Suspect Abuse in a Daycare Facility?

If you suspect your child's injury or sudden change in behavior is due to abuse at daycare centers, it is important to talk with your child in a safe place but to also take steps in determining what has happened. It can be scary to accuse someone of child neglect or sexual abuse, especially if you are uncertain about what has fully happened.

If you suspect your child has been abused, take a visit to your pediatrician. Your doctor is someone who will be familiar with your child and may also be able to spot different signs of abuse and provide more information on the next steps. It is also important to report the facility or daycare provider to the local authorities who can further investigate the facility and staff member.

Why Is Daycare Neglect and Abuse Common?

Abuse by daycare providers or within the facility can happen due to many reasons. Some common Given their critical function in society—caring for babies and young children whose parents need to be at work or are otherwise unable to supervise them—advocates for victims of child sex abuse say there should be more governmental oversight and state regulations for such facilities.

Often, there is little to no staff training for a daycare providers, which can limit their knowledge of the problem of childhood sexual abuse and how to prevent it from happening. Daycare providers should also be aware of the common signs of abuse and report anything they may think has happened.

Understaffing or overloading facilities can also make it difficult for adults to watch all the children. If there are too many children or not enough staff, it can be difficult to notice inappropriate behavior. Having an appropriate amount of staff to child ratio is important for providing proper oversight.

Poor or non-existent hiring protocols can also lead to daycare abuse cases. A childcare facility should have thorough hiring requirements and background checks, but often due to inadequate staffing, facilities may ignore regulations to get staff in more quickly.

While not always possible to do a full investigation, parents should research the facility they are enrolling their child in and search for any previous citation, potential criminal charges, and reviews.

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Why Do I Need A Daycare Abuse Attorney?

A daycare accident lawyer can help you and your family find justice after your child has suffered at the hands of a childcare provider or other adult at the facility. These facilities can be held liable for the injuries caused and an experienced day care abuse lawyer can help explain the legal action possible. A neglect attorney can help determine if a homeowners insurance policy applies if the daycare is run out of the owner's home, and help recover compensation. Our local offices offer a free initial consultation to all, call today to learn more.

Can You Sue For Daycare Abuse?

Yes, a lawsuit is possible for day care abuse to result in a lawsuit against the facility or abuser. It is important to speak with an experienced law firm that has a team of abuse lawyers. At Maryland Injury Guys our team of attorneys fights aggressively for victims and to keep children safe. By speaking out, you can help others become aware of a possible daycare injury to their children as well as help stop it before it can happen to another child.

Daycare Abuse Statistics

  1. In the United States, daycare abuse is considered a form of child abuse and is punishable by law.

  2. Daycare abuse can include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, as well as neglect.

  3. Daycare assault can have long-term effects on a child, including physical and emotional injuries, scars, behavioral problems, and difficulties in future relationships.

  4. Most daycare abusers are people the child knows and trusts, such as a family member, friend, or daycare worker.

  5. Misconduct or abuse in daycare can often go undetected because children are reluctant to tell adults about it.

  6. Signs of daycare abuse may include changes in behavior, such as acting out aggressively or withdrawn, and physical signs, such as bruises or cuts.

  7. If you suspect a child is being assautled in a daycare setting, it is important to report it to the authorities immediately.

Hiring a Daycare Abuse Attorney

If your child was injured or abused by a daycare provider it is important to investigate the daycare accident, speak with your child, report to the authorities and speak with an experienced law firm. There should be enough adults watching children at daycare as well as appropriate state and federal laws that help regulate caregiving to children.

Unfortunately, it is possible for a daycare accident to be a more serious form of abuse, and taking legal action can help recover compensation for the children possibly injured as well as compensation for the family. A child should feel safe when learning, and daycare injury, abuse, or negligence should not be something parents need to worry about.

Legal action is possible. Speak to one of our dedicated daycare abuse attorneys today to learn more in a free consultation.

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