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Boarding School Abuse Lawyer Suing For Sexual Abuse

Boarding School Abuse Lawsuit For Victims

Parents have faith that both private and public boarding schools are secure settings. That's regrettably not always the case. In such schools, our attorneys frequently witness cases of molestation and abuse. In the mistaken belief that private schools are safer and better regulated than public ones, many parents fork over a sizable sum of money for tuition.

If you or your child has been a victim of sexual assault while at private school, you may be left with many questions that our attorneys hope to answer. You may also be here because:

  • You believe or are aware that abuse is taking place at boarding school.
  • You want to understand more because you are thinking about your legal alternatives.
  • You want the boarding school to never do it again.

You will require experienced and skilled counsel for cases involving this kind of sexual misbehavior. For a free legal consultation, call one of our local offices today to speak with an attorney.

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The Challenges With Reporting Sexual Abuse At Elite Boarding Schools

Many private schools have illustrious histories and traditions and are well-known in their neighborhoods. Parents and students are encouraged to take pride in attending a particular private school far more than many public school alumni, to the point where being a student or alumnus of the school may become a significant part of one's identity.

It may be particularly difficult to report abuse because of this. Students may worry about being shunned by the community they have invested so much in and about being implicated in a scandal that could harm their friends and professors, who may have grown to be like family to them.

They could worry that by reporting, they would become the focus of animosity and bullying. Many private and boarding schools also have long-standing religious links, which can make it extra harder for kids to come out with abuse because they worry about being shunned by their families, friends, or even their religious groups.

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The Effects of Boarding School Sex Abuse

Children who attend boarding schools must live away from their parents, making them considerably more susceptible to deception and downright predatory behavior. Additionally, students may live in dormitories with professors and other adults from the staff, giving potential predators risky access.

Since boarding school students may spend extended stretches of time away from their families, parents may not notice behavioral changes that indicate indicators of abuse, and kids may not have many opportunities to notify their parents about what's going on. However, there are some common signs of child sexual abuse that you can be on the lookout for, and having open communication while they are away can also help in understanding their life while at school. Some common signs include:

  • Excessive talking or knowledge of sexual topics
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Physical injuries
  • Change in eating habits
  • Self-harming
  • Regressive behaviors they have grown out of

When families send their children to boarding schools, they expect them to protect children, provide care, receive a high-quality education, and live in a safe environment. However, school teachers or staff, even at well-known boarding schools, could still cause physical and psychological damage through sexual abuse, negligence, or emotional distress. Sexual predators could be at the school or cause damages due to:

  • A lack of background checks
  • Failure to report abuse allegations
  • Quality staff members leaving the school
  • Lack of proper supervision
  • Failed security measures
  • Exposure to predators
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Boarding Schools Covering Childhood Sexual Abuse

Students or their parents may sue the school for any action or inaction that led to a student's wrongdoing and caused them harm. The school might also be held accountable if they didn't fully investigate a claim of abuse or take steps to halt or prevent future abuse of that student or other kids.

To protect the lives of the perpetrators and to avoid bad press, many educational authorities decide to conceal any occurrence of sexual assault on school grounds or by teachers. In many cases, the boarding school neglects to inform the local law enforcement about any event or alleged school sex claims that have occurred repeatedly.

Even one missed opportunity to report an abuse case to the authorities could have a lasting negative impact on the young victims. Statistics indicate that sexual misconduct at boarding schools is on the rise.

According to some estimates, 10% of all adolescents from kindergarten through high school will be subjected to inappropriate sexual behavior by an adult during their formative years, whether that adult is a parent, teacher, staff member, volunteer, coach, or someone else.

Predators typically engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct at a school function, a location, or off campus. Online activity is a non-contact scenario in about one out of every six cases. Post-traumatic stress disorder can arise after suffering any type of abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions Around Sexual Assault At Boarding Schools

Our law office fights for victims of sex abuse, and lawsuits are possible against boarding schools. These facilities can be liable for the abuse that happens to students under their care. Our attorneys have answered some of the common questions they receive about sex abuse at boarding schools. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to call one of our local offices to speak directly with an attorney in a confidential consultation.

What to do if You Are a Victim of Boarding School Assault?

If you have suffered abuse at boarding school by staff members, employees, or other students, you may be feeling like you are living in a private hell. Sex abuse is a serious crime and your abuse allegation should be taken seriously. You should alert someone you trust on the school staff, as well as alert proper authorities and your parents. If it is possible, you should leave the place the abuse occurs.

You can also retain the services of a legal team to take on your case and determine the path of a possible criminal or civil lawsuit.

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How to Report Boarding School Sex Abuse?

Schools have mandatory reporting laws related to child sexual abuse, and these laws require school staff to report sexual abuse or misconduct to law enforcement. If the private schools fail to report the suspected sex abuse, it can then result in criminal or civil liability for them. By reporting abuse, you can help prevent further abuse from happening to other students.

What Are The Statute of Limitations on Private School Abuse?

Sexual abuse or assault at boarding schools can involve both a criminal and civil lawsuit, meaning that more than one statute of limitations could apply. Maryland state law extended the statute of limitations in 2017 from 7 years after turning 18 up to 20 years after the victim reaches 18. This means that victims now have until 38 to file a claim against the predator or the institution.

The team of sexual abuse lawyers at Maryland Injury Guys will investigate the specifics of your case and a full analysis of the statute of limitations can be made. Our local office can help sex abuse victims seek justice in a free and confidential consultation.

How Much Does it Cost To File A Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against Private Schools?

Maryland Injury Guys work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing unless we win your case. There are no fees upfront that may prohibit someone from filing a claim and fighting for justice against sexual abuse, and if your case is not successful you will not pay any legal fees.

All cases can be worth different settlement values. There are a number of factors that can determine the value of a boarding school abuse lawsuit. This can include:

  • The severity of the abuse, inclusive of the type and duration
  • Pain and suffering of the victim
  • Emotional distress
  • Medical expenses, inclusive of any therapies
  • Where the abuse occurred

Facts Around Boarding School Sexual Abuse

Boarding school abuse lawyers are attorneys who have experience in representing victims of abuse at boarding schools. In addition, they have experience in handling cases of physical assault, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse.

Boarding school assault lawyers are familiar with the laws governing boarding schools and the rights of school students. These dedicated attorneys can help victims of abuse obtain compensation for their injuries, helping victims obtain justice by filing lawsuits against their abusers. This can help the victim find both healing and closure.

Not only can they help file a lawsuit, but boarding school sex abuse lawyers can provide support and resources to victims of abuse. They are dedicated to protecting the rights of boarding and private school students and ensuring that they receive the justice they deserve.

Boarding School Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

  1. Since the 1990s, there have been over 1,000 lawsuits filed against boarding schools in the United States alleging sexual abuse of students.
  2. Of those lawsuits, about 60% have been filed since 2010.
  3. The vast majority of boarding school sexual abuse lawsuits are filed against private, for-profit schools.
  4. Approximately 10% of all private school students in the United States are sexually abused while attending school.
  5. This means that every year, thousands of students are sexually abused while attending boarding school.
  6. The vast majority of boarding school sexual assault victims are female.
  7. Most boarding school sexual abuse victims are between the ages of 13 and 18.
  8. However, some sexual abuse victims are as young as 6 years old.

Civil Lawsuits and Claims Against Sexual Abuse At Boarding and Private Schools

Sexual abuse cases have commonly been something victims are afraid to speak out about in fear of retaliation, shame, or threats from the predator. But victims should not be afraid to speak out about the abuse allegations, especially when speaking to the authorities or a boarding school abuse attorney in a confidential consultation. A boarding school sexual abuse attorney can help and you have legal options if a school faculty member or other staff members have conducted inappropriate touching or sexually assaulted you or your child.

It is possible to recover financial compensation against the facility, whether it is part of religious organizations, a private boarding school, or other educational institutions. Abuse doesn't just happen to female students, it can happen to anyone.

Our local Maryland child sexual abuse attorneys fight for protecting students while at school. Boarding school lawsuits are possible, including against private schools. If you have been sexually abused, call for your free case evaluation today. You deserve to be heard and your voice has power. Sex abuse has no place, and our attorneys have no tolerance for sexual misconduct against anyone.

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