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Did a personal injury leave you with unexpected medical bills, lost income, and emotional and physical distress? Our team of experienced injury lawyers can help answer any questions you may have like: 

  • Can a personal injury lawsuit help cover my medical expenses? 
  • How will I make ends meet after my work injury? 
  • Is hiring an injury attorney expensive?

In addition to our experience handling injury cases in Catonsville, Arbutus & Halethorpe, we offer our services on a contingency basis – that is, if you do not win your case, you owe us nothing. The initial consultation is also free. Let us review your case at no charge. We can explain your options and answer any questions.

"Your injury is personal to us. Let us help" - Aaron Blank, Esq.
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Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you were involved in a personal injury accident, contact our legal team to help analyze the details of your claim and decide on the best course of action. We can help you receive compensation for your injuries that can help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and more. 

Car Accidents

If you or someone you love was involved in a car accident that caused injuries, contact our car accident lawyers today for a free consultation. 

Slip And Falls Accidents

Did you hurt yourself in a slip and fall? We help injured victims who have fallen due to melted snow, spilled liquids, uneven pavements, broken stairs and so much more. Contact our slip and fall injury lawyers to learn more.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Healthcare professionals are responsible for providing safe and adequate care to their patients during their medical treatments or visits. When medical negligence occurs, it can cause traumatic injuries and even death to the individuals involved. Contact our law office today to learn about your legal rights after a medical error. 

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Accidents

Putting our loved ones in a nursing home is always a challenging choice in itself, but it may be devastating to find out that your loved one has been hurt by the institution that should protect them. Contact our nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers to learn your legal options. 

Worker's Compensation Claims

If you suffered an injury while on-the-job, you should be covered under workers' compensation insurance. Contact our legal team to help you file a claim and get the compensation you need for a safe recovery. 

Back Injury Accidents

Were you involved in an accident that left you with a back injury? Let our experienced back injury lawyers assist you in your case. 

Pedestrian Accidents

Were you involved in an auto accident and suffered injuries as a pedestrian? You may be entitled to compensation to help pay for your injuries and damages. Contact our pedestrian accident law office to learn more.

Offshore Injuries

If you've been injured in an offshore accident, you could potentially receive financial compensation. Contact our law office for a free case evaluation.

Dog Bite Accidents

Victims of dog bite injuries are frequently caused by inadequate communication between the owner and the injured victim. Learn what property safety tips to ensure your safety while around an unfamiliar dog. 

Work Injury Claims

Our work injury law firm understands how tedious and time-consuming filing work injury claim can be. Let us handle the entire claims process on your behalf to ensure everything is done correctly. 

Bicycle Accidents

The bicycle accident lawyers can help you recover compensation to help with unexpected medical bills and time off from work. Contact our law office for a free consultation. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you seek compensation after a motorcycle injury accident. Contact our legal team for advice on your case.

Truck Wreck Accidents

Our truck wreck lawyers can help you recover the compensation you'll need to help pay for damages caused by a truck accident. Reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation legal consultation.

Train Injury Accidents

If you or someone you love was recently injured in a subway or train accident, contact our experienced train injury lawyers for legal guidance. 

Bus Injury Accidents

Hurt in a bus accident in Maryland? Recover compensation with help from our bus injury law firm who can gather details from your accident and file a claim against the bus company.

Brain Injury Accidents

Brain injuries can cause long-term medical conditions that could potentially affect your quality of life. Allow our brain injury lawyers to assist you in fighting for justice and recovering compensation. 

Spinal Injury Accidents

Suffered a spinal cord injury? Schedule your free consult today with our local spinal injury law office to receive legal guidance on options available to you.  

Birth Injury Claims

We understand the emotional and physical struggle parents suffer when a birth injury occurs. Learn about your legal rights in a free consultation with our personal injury law firm. 

Sexual Abuse Claims

Sexual abuse is one of the most horrendous crimes a human can cause on another. Schedule your free, confidential case consultation today and begin your path to justice if you or someone you love was a victim of sexual abuse or assault.

Child Abuse Claims

When an abuse victim is a child, we must take the necessary steps to ensure the offender is held responsible in the eyes of the court. Contact us today for a free, confidential case evaluation. 

Sexual Harassment Claims

Victims of sexual harassment are often scared to report the incident due to fear of retaliation or other means of attack. We can help protect you from your offender and fight for the justice you deserve. 

Burn Injuries

Whether your burn injury was caused by an apartment fire, workplace accident, car accident or defective product, our legal team can help you. Contact our legal team today.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Were you injured in or around a swimming pool? Our legal team can help assess who is responsible for your injuries through a personal injury claim. Let us help you. 

Construction Injuries

Our construction accident lawyers can help you file a workers' comp claim to help pay for medical expenses, lost income, and other damages caused by the work injury. 

Wrongful Death Claims

When a loved one passes away from a sudden or accidental accident, our wrongful death law firm will help you find the answers you deserve. 

Unpaid Overtime Claims

When an employer fails to pay their employee the full amount of hours including any overtime, a legal claim can be made. Contact us for more details. 

Catonsville Dog Bite Lawyers

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

All personal injury cases at Maryland Injury Guys are handled on a ‘contingency fee’ basis. In a contingency fee plan, our lawyers’ fee to you is set out in a straightforward arrangement at the time we are engaged by a client. Moreover, we only earn a legal fee when we succeed in procuring a financial recovery on your behalf. In the event there is no compensation, we never assess a legal fee.

How Much Money Is My Personal Injury Lawsuit Worth?

The monetary recovery in an injury case is composed of both economic and non-economic losses. Economic damages include doctor expenses, lost wages, and damage to property. Non-economic damages can comprise of physical pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and loss of companionship or quality of living.

There are additional factors that play into the value of a lawsuit such as the date of birth of the injured or hurt person, the amount of insurance coverage in play, and the degree of fault our client had leading to the accident. While we must embrace the facts in every circumstance, our firm’s goal is to argue the most favorable case possible to a judge, jury, or insurance company assessing your claim.

Where is Your Catonsville Personal Injury Law Firm Located?

Our local Catonsville office is located near the Charlestown Senior Living Community. Our address is:

4600 Wilkens Ave #102-A, Baltimore, MD 21229.

How Can I Contact Your Attorneys?

Our phones are available 24/7 where you can speak with an attorney. Our phone number is: (410) 734-3737

Catonsville Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Catonsville Law Office Serves Clients In Neighboring Areas

Catonsville is a city located in Baltimore County just west of the county's border. The city is known for its major public research university that makes up almost 1/4th of the city's population. From the Maryland Injury Guys law office in Catonsville, they will be serving the surrounding cities including: 

  • Catonsville
  • Arbutus
  • Halethorpe
  • Mill Hill
  • Lansdowne
  • Oaklee
  • Morrell Park
  • Beechfield
  • Shipley Hill
  • Lexington
  • Pigtown
  • Seton Hill
  • Cherry Hill
  • Lakeland
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Brooklyn
  • Tremont
  • Arbour Manor
  • West Baltimore
  • Carrol, Baltimore
Catonsville Car Accident Lawyers

Upcoming Personal Injury Webinars & Local Community Events

Event Title: How To File A Slip And Fall Lawsuit

Date: October 10, 2021, at 7:30 PM

Registration: Email [email protected]

Description: This webinar provided by the experienced slip and fall accident lawyers at Maryland Injury Guys in Catonsville will discuss the steps required directly after sustaining injuries in a slip and fall accident. There are several types of slip and fall accidents we will discuss, so we hope to answer any questions you may have during this webinar. Individuals can view this webinar through Google Hangout.

Directions To Our Local Law Office From Baltimore/Washington International Airport

  1. Start out from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport to Maryland Injury Guys
  2. Take Service Rd Lower Level and Friendship Rd to I-195 W
  3. Continue on I-195 W to Catonsville. Take the exit toward CCBC Catonsville from MD-166
  4. Take Wilkens Ave and MD-372 E to your destination

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Aaron and his team of injury lawyers helped me with my burn injuries after an accident at work. They made the entire process quick and easy! - Timothy Z.

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